Imageitalian version Only yesterday, the tg3 has forwarded the clip the international prize of Mosaic entitled to Father Michele PICCIRILLO and us today, we dedicate to Dr. SIRANO that has said in his speech that we give almost entirely in the video below: The Archaeological Museum in Palazzo Novelli. I have just begun the excavations at Forum Popilii (Carinola,Caserta,Italy)and there is clear from indiscretions that there are Member finds a certain importance and that would be a pity if, as usual, the beauties of carinola went still a Time to tens of kilometers from here! The Museum is to be done along the lines indicated in a clear and net from dott.sirano. We wanted to draw the video of his speech not only to the absent, which unfortunately were many and not just political, cannot explain the reason, because especially of political, in that event, there was absolutely nothing, but men of culture, or at least it considered, and priests, Don Carlo Zampi except, of course, not even the shadow or at least not it seemed to me to notice themi, therefore, if they want, can here see and hear the report of Dott. Sirano that is not concerned only Forum Popilii and Forum Claudii, as the event was not just Casanova, as it seemed a glance at the audience, but the whole town of Carinola that, at least as regards the culture, should be united and compact, would now! It may be that as usual I am wrong but you have comments for correct! Meanwhile enjoy this short and pithy speech more explicit than ever abaut how, when and where in the why it should be done the museum! Since they have began excavations at Forum Popilii  it seems to have been everybody affected by a kind of epidemic beneficial from participation in the excavation, we can say that with anyone I have referred I got the feeling that you would participate, all you feel a little Indiana Jones, even if young qulche volunteer who has been doing this unfortunately seems already on the road of healing, is a good  sign that everyone feels invested with the importance of the moment for carinola: Make it or break, as was said once, is a sign that sirano is right when he says that the protection of the territory and its enhancement is the task particularly of the people that the lives and this seems that all carinolesi have understood it. And the politicians?


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