A particular experience today at the NATO base, the Allied Inter-Agency Command of Lago Patria, where on the occasion of Christmas Tree Lighting, the choir of the

association has performed in a Christmas Carols Concert.

Before the concert, the President Livia Tatta, in English, presented all the members of assincanto1the Association, and spoke about Carinola, its history and its beauties, not by chance the association asked the Mayor Antonio Russo and got to bring with it the Gonfalon of the Municipality of Carinola.

Everything was once again taken care in the smallest details by the attentive Art Director of the Association Fabio Veneziano who, with its uncommon passion, increasingly involves the whole group and with the precious collaboration of the Ten. Col. Luigi Viscito, vice president of the 'Association.

Women and men of all outlying wards of the municipality share a passion for singing and a lot of good will to organize activities for our territory and beyond.

In addition to the classic Christmas songs, the choir has also performed two songs in English.

Exciting the Christmas tree lighting after the speech by Admiral James G. FOGGO III Com.te 6th fleet and the Naples JFC Command, in which he riveted that beyond the religion that each of us professes and especially at this moment the word that unites us must be PEACE.

Following the performance of the military band and a moment of conviviality and good wishes.

The association will continue in these days its activity by performing in some concerts that are part of the Christmas program organized by the municipal administration of Carinola.

The first event will be on Sunday 9 December at 7 pm in the Church of S. Giovanni and Paolo in Casale of Carinola.


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